Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcing Groovy SPARQL

As part of my on-going weekend hobby of looking at Groovy and the Semantic web technology stack, I've created a quick port of Groovy SQL support style operations into the land of SPARQL.  So, just like you can do Sql.eachRow(closure), you can now do Sparql.eachRow(closure)

Below is a Gist that shows the features of the relatively small API.  Note that this was also a dive into some Groovy 1.8 and Gradle, and was coded up this weekend inbetween BBQs using SpringSource Toolsuite 2.7.0M2 for the Groovy 1.8/Gradle support.

Other features to come include:
  • Fluent DSL, leveraging Groovy 1.8 features 
  • Pure Java "Templates" for Jena/SPARQL similar to JdbcTemplate/jmsTemplate in Spring
  • Object marshalling and GORM / Spring Data support
  • Sparql / RDF Builder -- still deciding if this is necessary or not, or if it'll fall naturally into the DSL
  • Grails plug-in for the above
  • Testing with triples stores Jena TDB, Stardog, and AllegroGraph being the first three
The code is up on Github here


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