Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Groovy SPARQL 0.2 Available

Version 0.2 of Groovy SPARQL is now available.  This minor release includes a Groovy DSL for RDF, now you can build RDF and then query it.  The Groovy DSL is fairly flexible and takes advantage of a number of Groovy features including:
  1. Optional syntax in Groovy 1.8 for more fluid DSLs
  2. GPars, aka the Groovy Parallelizer for asynchronous output hooks
  3. Usage of the BuilderSupport class
 Per previous posts on the blog, if you want to use it in Grails / GroovyConsole / other apps, I recommend downloading, doing the Gradle build, install into your local Maven repo and then you can include it easily enough in whatever build environment you are using.

Here is a GIST showing the RDFBuilder DSL in action, with comments noting all of the 'features' available so far.  This is still a work in progress, and the more I attempt to use it to build FOAF and other vocabularies, I'm sure I'll be shaking some bugs out (not the least of which is the wonderful world of URI fragments).


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