Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Announcing Spring Jena

On the heels of Groovy SPARQL, here is an initial code base for standard Java and Spring applications -- Spring Jena!

The Spring folks have been putting together an impressive portfolio of data oriented capabilities for NoSQL data stores.  To compliment the those capabilities, here is Spring Jena - a project I hope to propose back to the Spring community to provide direct Jena API support and direct SPARQL.

Much like Groovy SPARQL, this is a relatively simple code base that applies the template design pattern to Jena and ARQ to simplify every day needs for creating, modifying, and querying RDF data.  There is a lot more work to do here, most noteably the parameterized queries.

Get Spring Jena @ Github here.

The roadmap includes:

  • Spring datastore/mapping support for object relational mapping, once those projects reach 1.0
  • Spring Transaction support - wrap Jena native transactions or provide app-level transaction management via Spring
  • Abstraction for triple stores - likely aligned against the Datastore interface in Spring Data
  • QuerySolutionMap overloading to the methods in the SparqlTemplate
  • Web / MVC capabilities, such as a taglib

Here is a GIST to get you going:


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